About the Archive

The Bosley Memorial Collections bear the name of its founder and primary contributor and includes important primary sources that document the history of Core Projects during early through late Reunification.  The value of the collection is in having a single repository of primary sources, such that a composite history of the Reunification Period can begin to form.

Mr. Bosley started the Archives with a collection of Viewer Operation Records and began expanding the collection by acquiring historical documents. Bosley did not collect Advance Visuals for their own sake, but would acquire one if it was on the Core Priorities List (CPL) or if it was otherwise unusual or meritorious. The collection holds the only extant copies of many documents, and in total nearly 24 percent of materials targeted by the CPL.

The collection is made available to the public according to a special contract with the Autonomous Republic. As materials from the collections are approved for release they are digitized and added to the archive in electronic format along with any existing annotations and corresponding file records. 

As part of its contract the archive releases materials in the collections for public display and regularly organizes themed exhibitions. In addition to works of art such exhibitions also contain archival material such as catalogs, various documents and artifacts.