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I use detailed imagery and dynamic lighting to lure viewers into a narrative world of my construction. Mezzotint is my primary medium and follows the rich history of printmaking for broadcasting socially relevant content. My work imagines a future version of earth where the familiar environment has been eclipsed by engineered ecosystems and mechanical creations that have run amok.

Central to this fiction are colonies of micro-robots called Auxons. The joyous and curious nature of these ‘creatures’ plays counterpoint to  a more serious investigation of the conditions that have produced them and the world they have inherited.

Auxon means ‘growth,’ and refers to a specific kind of self-replicating system of robots that reproduces exponentially until it reaches a critical mass.  Once that is achieved, the actions of many individuals working together can perform tasks that previously would have been inconceivable, like energy collection and carbon capture.  While this suggests great things can happen by working together, it also reflects the realities of global and environmental citizenship, in which small and seemingly benign actions at the individual level can aggregate billions of times and have dramatic effects upon the entire biosphere.

I avoid anything too fantastical in my work, focusing instead upon what is physically real and possible.  What my work proposes is an alternate history and future timeline with roots in the physical laws and scientific discourse.  It suggests that we are agents who can affect real change in the world and must claim responsibility for our actions.