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An attendant and particle computer begin the trek to the top of a myd to visit the Loyalist that resides at the peak.

An attendant and cohort of collectors carrying biological resources has arrived on the surface of a Drifter contained within an anomalous space.

A Drifter with a compliment of attendant auxons in care of biological resources en-route to the nearly finished Foundation ring surrounding the surface of Saturn.

Attendant (AiChicAe) approaching what is colloquially known as 'The Reef' from the southern border. The Reef is a collection of ferral auxons working in loose collaboration that emerged near ancient cliff walls on Foundation.

The exposed particle computer reflexively engages with a compatible collector that has wandered close enough.

A small piece of a particle computer uncovered by upheavals on the surface of Foundation.

A large (20cm wide) collector typical of non-terrestrial collectives.


Upon first forming the anomaly, Orbs worked with engineer class auxons to evaluate the resulting space. Of particular importance was establishing the strengths of the physical constants by iteratively evaluating multiple competing models against…

Attendants engaged in ecological rejuvenation in the area immediately surrounding a preservation structure. Such structures maintain information and biological reserves during an unstable epoch.

Inside the Anomaly a chaotic state results from an accumulation of errors and miscalculations made worse by repeated traversal of the time-space bridge.
A single particle-computer has survived unstable conditions across multiple instances long…

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Loyalists retain the memory of the original codes and do their best to run the calculations as intended. They are not deterred by those who evolve around them. They are dutiful, archaic machines that live in relative isolation, seeking only to…

A highly turbulent region inside the anomaly that forms in the space between the three principle loci. In a stable era the three loci perform a 2.53 million year circuit that folds and unfolds the space within the anomaly. As the Anomaly is freed…

After much calculation by the library and implementation by Collectors, the vacuum bubble has separated from our reality, forming a space-time bridge to the pocket of space that is the Anomaly. As the space that forms the anomaly expands, the bubble…

An Orb oversees the creation of a vacuum bubble that will eventually inflate to form an Anomaly. This collective wishes to create its own oasis for calculation, a pocket removed from time and space that would become known simply as the Anomaly. Early…

In the absence of substantive narrative purpose or meaning an Auxon may hide, shut down, or otherwise preserve resources until such a time that action in the external world becomes necessary. Supplying the appropriate interrupt sequence will call…
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