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One of the largest semi-autonomous robots. Most often found in four limbed varieties but specimens have been documented with as many as ten. The sole function of a porter appears to be to convey dense material between sites within a collective.

Finally, once the atomic skeleton of the protein is established, the surface of the protein can be generated based on our knowledge of the electrical charges of the fitted amino acids. In this model, lighter areas represent positive charges, while…

The auxons now have a rough shape that approximates the actual structure of the target protein. Piece by piece, they scour the model for shapes that look like they might contain a specific amino acid. With knowledge of both the protein sequence and…

Due to the uncertainty principle, it is not possible to precisely measure both the momentum and position of a particle simultaneously. Yet, this missing information is essential to write an equation that will ultimately determine a protein’s…

An attendant attempting to interpret an interference pattern. Each dot in the pattern is left by an X-ray that was reflected upon striking electrons within the crystal lattice.

An observer sifting through a crystal trial looking for suitable crystals. A compression gradient has created crystals of varying size.

Collectors are very similar to their attendant counterparts, but a collector can reach as tall as thirty centimeters whereas an attendant is rarely larger than eight or nine. The collector is thought to be essentially a descendant of autonomous…

The initial Orb that established the Anomaly was eventually able to enter the pocket of space-time itself. Here it established itself to supervise work and make calculations that would otherwise be intractable.
Within the Anomaly, collectors can be…

Researchers have noted that collectives use the principles of seed crystals and atomic crystalline structure as the basis for their computing hubs. It is hypothesized that auxons grow critical infrastructure whenever possible to minimize energetic…

Auxons use seed crystals to grow the information and data clusters that form their libraries. In addition to storing the cumulative knowledge of the collective, information clusters also house critical instructions for how to engage with the…

Attendants carrying completed idea-elements via sub-surface route.
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