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A conglomeration of particle computers and assemblers capable of altering its structure to suit a task determined by an auxon collective. They are so named because they often take the form of a perfect sphere, although they can sometimes be seen in…

After much calculation by the library and implementation by Collectors, the vacuum bubble has separated from our reality, forming a space-time bridge to the pocket of space that is the Anomaly. As the space that forms the anomaly expands, the bubble…

An Orb oversees the creation of a vacuum bubble that will eventually inflate to form an Anomaly. This collective wishes to create its own oasis for calculation, a pocket removed from time and space that would become known simply as the Anomaly. Early…

One of the largest semi-autonomous robots. Most often found in four limbed varieties but specimens have been documented with as many as ten. The sole function of a porter appears to be to convey dense material between sites within a collective.

Attendants engaged in ecological rejuvenation in the area immediately surrounding a preservation structure. Such structures maintain information and biological reserves during an unstable epoch.

A Drifter with a compliment of attendant auxons in care of biological resources en-route to the nearly finished Foundation ring surrounding the surface of Saturn.

A small piece of a particle computer uncovered by upheavals on the surface of Foundation.

An attendant and cohort of collectors carrying biological resources has arrived on the surface of a Drifter contained within an anomalous space.

A highly turbulent region inside the anomaly that forms in the space between the three principle loci. In a stable era the three loci perform a 2.53 million year circuit that folds and unfolds the space within the anomaly. As the Anomaly is freed…

Inside the Anomaly a chaotic state results from an accumulation of errors and miscalculations made worse by repeated traversal of the time-space bridge.
A single particle-computer has survived unstable conditions across multiple instances long…

Attendant (AiChicAe) approaching what is colloquially known as 'The Reef' from the southern border. The Reef is a collection of ferral auxons working in loose collaboration that emerged near ancient cliff walls on Foundation.
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